Watch “Air Conditioning The Mother Earth : Raveendran Narayanan” on YouTube

Fundraiser by Raveendran Narayanan : AIR CONDITIONING THE MOTHER EARTH (Climate Change Third Group)

About raveendrannarayanan

CREATOR OF SARVA KALA VALLABHAN GROUP & AIR CONDITIONING OF MOTHER EARTH. During September 2018, EARTH Science Conference Committee Zurich, Switzerland awarded certificate for 78 Slides Wet Transfer presentation of Airconditioningthemotherearth.AUTHOR "Environmental Rapes & H.R. Abuses Lead to Climate Change Control" soon releasing in USA ( Full color 500 Pages). AUTHOR of many published papers by Interntional Desalination Association ( IDA ) World Congresses on Water & Environmental Protection since 1995. Member of Many Water Associations including Indian Desalination Association ( InNDA ) . Earth Science Conference Committee, ZURICH SWITZERLAND, awarded certificate "AIR CONDITIONING THE MOTHER EARTH" for wet transfer presentation of 78 slides during September 06, 2018 Basket Ball Player. & Narayanan!/Raveendrannaray
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    CLIMATE CHANGE THIRD GROUP by Raveendran Narayanan USA
    Website activated Now.
    Hurricane IOTA’s Zoom EARTH and future World WIDE Hurricanes, Typhoons and Cyclones included.
    Every thing included since 2010 in Six Pages.
    During 2009, 47 pages of R. & D. Paper “Connections of Mushrooming of Desalination Systems in the Middle East and Environmental Disasters Around World” non publish ed by Dubrovnik- 2009 Conference due to unavailability of return travel Documents from US Home Land Security, was forwarded to former US President Barack Obama and Environmental SCIENTISTS and Global warming Scientists but non cared.
    Our Climate not damaged yet. With strictest REGULATIONS and strictest Enforcements we can CORRECT our CLIMATE. 3° C Temperature reduction is possible
    #raveendrannarayanan @Raveendrannaray #HUMANRIGHTACTIVIST #airconditioningthemotherearth
    #waterprize #pulitzerprize
    #stopsearaisenow #stoppingcalamites
    #UNEP #EPA #350Org #OCEANSandSEAS


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